Mobile Newsroom

Media Philosophy

Multiservice Brand

Our newsroom moves around the world on a camper-van

Our philosophy is traveling on the field to grab first-hand stories

Our brand provides open source content, data and tools

Our newsroom interacts with the audience face-to-face

Our philosophy is sharing information on the web along the way

Our brand promotes participative and green editorial initiatives

”Delivering eyewitnessed info, not info up to the eyeballs”

Enjoy in-depth content in a long-form fashion in MR’s magazine Stories. We avoid breaking news. We focus on research, first-hand information and fact-checking . We integrate narrative style with multimedia

”Creating ground experiences, not experienced makeup”

Have an immersive experience of what we do through visiting our camper-van studio, attending our outdoor presentations, joining our local tours, applying to our international group expeditions and watching our livestream events

”Building content communities, not tech-made content”

Contribute to our projects and invite others to participate through MR’s network platform. MR’s prototype won the IPI News Innovation Contest and got seed funding from Google. Now we want to take it further

”Bringing tools to people, not people instrumentalization”

Attend MR’s courses to improve your knowledge and practice of digital storytelling tools and media entrepreneurship. We provide both onsite and online training, in cooperation with other academic and non-academic institutions

”Promoting sustainability, not unsustainable habits”

Go for green insights in MR’s specialized journal Earth Crisis Observer (ECO). We offer reports exposing threats to the environment, resources, livelihoods, ecosystems, biodiversity, and analysing problems and solutions related to sustainability

”Raising voices for a cause, not TV screen volumes ”

Get engaged in MR’s awareness-raising projects. We develop websites and campaigns on specific issues both on our own initiative and upon request from third parties, in order to support pubic participation and shared knowledge